If you are new to boating or an old hand we hope to be able to teach you you or refresh your nautical knowledge. Everything from the rules for the road, to lights and shapes we hope to have plenty to keep you busy.

As a new boater I found this sites teaching method to be outstanding. Many different ways of asking questions helps you learn and retain knowledge.

Francesca Dollie – SV Blue Bell

The content is presented in a way that makes it easy to retain what you are learning and its great to test what you really know.

Learning lights and shapes was really easy!

Jim Fishwyke – SV Endless Summer

If you have ideas for new courses and quizzes drop me a line and I’ll try and make it for you.

This site is built by boaters for boaters and is light on images as we know how hard it is to get a decent internet connection in some parts of the world. We charge a small fee to help pay for the sites upkeep and we truly hope it helps you become a better boater!